Tacview hebt seine Version auf 1.7.0 an

Aktualisiert: 5. Mai 2018

Geil! Endlich ist das neue Update für 1.7.0 draußen. Neben der nun endlich zur Verfügung stehenden Real-Time Telemetry, sind Zahlreiche Bug´s behoben worden die eine Nutzung ohne größeren Aufwand nur schwer möglich machten.


  • Added synchronized audio/video playback (up to four media at the same time)

  • Brand new fully customizable objects properties database

  • Added numerous new 3d models

  • Improved helicopters and propeller aircraft models

  • Integrated BMS Nordic theater version 2.1

  • Integrated BMS Pillars of Hercules theater

  • Tacview now supports GAE files with lines ending in blank characters

  • GAE object rotation is now automatically emulated when provided data is invalid

  • KML files hierarchical styles and aliases are now supported

  • The registered license key is now displayed in the “About” dialog box

  • Unknown objects will now be displayed with the generic triangle plane shape

  • Added support for transparent objects for 3d models (typically used for propellers)

  • An error message is now displayed in the debug console when a declared 3D model cannot be loaded

  • It is now possible to not display the transponder code from the labels

  • Improved VHS files merge (when Falcon does not provide all information)

  • Objects groups can now be edited directly from Tacview

  • Added support for Dynon Skyview EFIS csv files

  • Added /Authenticate command line option which returns -1 when all loaded documents are authentic

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