Tacview 1.7.1 Jetzt verfügbar!

Aktualisiert: 8. Apr 2018

Tacview 1.7.1 is now available.  The development of the software, which recently made its way in the French Air Force, continues. This time, the main addition is a ghost mode which allows to compare multiple flights in the same time. It allows users to compare trajectories and performances in a user friendly way.

hier der Link zum Download!


  • Added a time-shift tool to fix telemetry or to create “ghosts” to compare performances

  • Added list of active aircraft in the 3D view to select and disable (SHIFT+CLICK) objects

  • Added real-time telemetry and remote-control passwords to DCS World exporter

  • FSX2ACMI and XPL2ACMI do not force objects colors to blue anymore (color can now be predefined in a custom dabase)

  • Minor improvements to the csv file importer

  • It is now possible to activate Tacview for the entire system in addition of current user

  • Added numerous new 3d models

  • Added sea surface in full 3D terrain mode

  • Improved submarines support

  • Improved the acmi importer to gracefully handle malformed object names in some of IL-2 acmi files

  • The main menu has been reorganized a bit to be more intuitive


  • Fixed performance issue: dynamic objects where displayed twice (1.7.0 regression)

  • Some textures where not always properly displayed on the ground

  • Objects auto-selection was always preferring bullseyes over ground objects

  • Bookmarks are now exported when exporting XML flight log

  • 5 and 20 minutes playback delay were considered as 10 minutes by the DCS World exporter

  • Opaque custom terrain textures where displayed as transparent textures

  • Matra missiles names are not correct in DCS World 2.5.0

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